#680 | LCY, Comuzi Lab & Digital Protest Generation ✊

As the world opens up, we've been asking our community questions about their online vs offline identities, what spaces they feel safe expressing themselves in, and (importantly) whether they had booked any festivals this summer. As for Protein Studios, it’s been amazing to have people in our Shoreditch space again for 19 Chairs, Patagonia, Big Plant Sale, and Aune Store … the future is certainly starting to feel a lot brighter 🌞

As a Supplement reader, we have another first listen podcast episode from Comuzi Lab for you. We discussed the meaning of community, coded bias, the under-representation of Black creatives in the UK, and the difficulties of setting up a new business during a recession. Be sure to also check out Decentralised, created in collaboration with Somerset House.

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This month’s playlist is from April, but it’s too iconic for us not to share again now. SZNS7N label owner and hardline bass producer LCY brings her fierce-forward, dark and percussive sound to Tower Bridge in London. Yes, actually on Tower Bridge! Organised by Fabric during the pandemic to raise money towards a fundraiser raffle for the Music Venue Trust.





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